PR Ad Hoc Meeting

April 7, 2019 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Freedom Clubhouse
6313 Corporate Ct #140
Fort Myers, FL 33919
We will discuss & plan for the following….

First Narcotics Anonymous Public Relations Week

We are excited to announce the First Narcotics Anonymous Public Relations Week, scheduled for 3-9 June 2019. This event will take place the first week of June each year. The theme and slogan for this year’s PR Week is We All Are PR.

We encourage every area, regional, and zonal PR subcommittee to commit to at least one activity during PR week. We are offering suggestions, but we look forward to your creative choices of what works best for your subcommittee and your NA community. Whether your PR team is young or seasoned, rural or urban; whether you have just a few or many members, we hope you will all come together enthusiastically to increase awareness of PR service and of the NA recovery program.

Check out the PR Activity page, which will include a PR Week link where, we will offer ideas for t-shirts, samples of flyers and posters, and a link to local resources submitted by worldwide PR subcommittees:

If you’re seeking PR tools for your PR Week event, you may order from and receive a 10% discount by [entering the code PRWEEK] [including the code PRWEEK in the comments section of your order].

If you have any questions, please write worldboard@na.orgPlease take pictures of your activities, (bearing in mind that we cannot publicly publish photos of members’ faces), and send to



Hello again. Unfortunately, in our excitement to announce the first NA PR Week, we were not as clear as we needed to be about the 10% discount on PR tools. During the period 9 March-31 May 2019, we are lowering the cost of PR tools by 10%. You will not need to enter a discount code in your order. We apologize for any confusion, and we hope the 10% price reduction on materials to distribute to professionals will help to support your PR Week events.

The PR Week 10% price reduction is applicable to the following items:

#2301—NA Membership Survey

#2303—European Membership Survey

#2302—Information about NA

#2306—NA and Persons Receiving Medication Assisted Treatment

#2307—Public Relations Pamphlet Holder (blue hard card stock)

#2308—PR Pens

#2309—PR tote bags

Please visit the Public Relations Activities webpage for more information and ideas about PR If you have any questions or concerns, please write to And please send your PR Week photos to We wish you well in your PR Week activities

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